Scope It Out

First, we hold a ten-minute meeting with prospective clients to discuss the scope of your project and the meaning behind the work we hope to create together. We want to get a feeling for your project and goals – a good feeling – one that you’ll hopefully have too.


Figure It Out

After our first meet and greet, we will make a plan, run the numbers, and estimate a figure to best meet your goals and your budget.


Work It Out

After you give us the green light, our team works on creative concepts and strategy for your project. During this phase, we may meet a couple times to collaborate and layer the creative. Then we create - fusing the emotion and the purpose together, to create the finished piece.



Roll It Out

The video may be finished, but we're not. Our partnership doesn't end once we've wrapped production. Rather, we continue to help guide you and your project with the best ways and means to roll out your content.


Let’s talk . . . contact us to get started